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Single Coaching Sessions for Established Coaches

Already an established coach and just want a single coaching session?

As an established coach, perhaps theres a specific situation you’d love to talk through? Maybe your schedule or other logistics just doesn’t currently lend itself to making a more regular long term commitment. This does not mean you have to forefit getting your own support – I now offer single coaching sessions for those one off occasions.

This means that you can schedule just one session and use this either to get immediate support in an area of your choice. Perhaps you want a lightbulb moment of inspiration around a specific project or area of business. Maybe its a bigger picture scenario around where to take your coaching next that you’d just like to take some time and get some coaching around. What we focus upon will be entirely you choice.

Lightbulb moment of inspiration during a Single COaching Session for established coaches

My work generally involves conversations that focus upon two different aspects: 

There’s the bit that concentrates upon visible and measurable results and performance.

It’s the bit where people will describe that they are wanting to do things like:

  • Developing your coaching business,
  • Creating a new program
  • Adding new methods that people can interact with your work – maybe writing a book, starting delivering talks / trainings or doing group coaching,
  • Altering prices and increasing finances
  • Making more of a difference with your work,
  • Finding more or different types of clients.

You get to chose what we use the single coaching session for. Perhaps you know what you “should” be doing but are lacking a plan that will work for you. Maybe you’re just vague on what results you actually want, feel “stuck in a rut” and would love some clarity and coaching.

Then there’s also the bit that’s not so easy to describe as each person has their own experience and language for the experience!

For the purposes of simplicity and without being bogged down in language and labels around beliefs, values etc I think most coaches will be aware of the impact of what’s going on inside our heads.

So it probably won’t come as a surprise that at some stage during a longer conversation it is likely to focus upon the nature of thought. As well as how you “see the world”.

When I’m working with someone they are usually attracted to this bit because they currently think they need more confidence or self belief. They often say that they are finding some thought of the next step to starting their coaching practice really scary. I hear a lot of people secretly questioning if they are good enough, worthy enough etc.

Their description of the impact of this part of my work include:

  • “feela like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders”
  • “why was I making such a big deal about that?”
  • “connecting with the light inside”,
  • “coming from the heart place, not the mind place”,
  • “relaxing and being me”
  • “connecting with an amazing space of flow”
  • “getting really quiet on the inside”
  • “being really comfortable in my own skin”
  • “trusting myself”

It’s the bit that allows you to handle any bumps and lows you encounter with more grace and still really enjoy the “highs”. Perhaps you are finding the thought of the next step stressful, and want to easily and fearlessly move forward.

Whether you’re drawn to a session:

  • To focus upon a measurable result or performance,
  • Or it’s something where fear/ confidence / doubt etc is bogging you down and getting in your way

then you’re welcome to schedule a single coaching session.

These are calls of up to 2 hours, with the option of an additional 5 minute comfort break after the first hour. This allows us to focus on whatever you wish. 

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How a single coaching session works

You use the online scheduler to select an available time that works for you. (These should automatically show in your own local timezone, so you do not have to do the maths to work out time zones)

Next complete some basic logistical questions such as contact details and if you wish the session to take place via the phone, Skype or Zoom. There will also be a handful of questions designed to already start you thinking about how to get the most from our time together.

Check out and make payment.

If you selected the session to take place via zoom you will be manually be sent the link via email.

At the appointed time we will “meet” for up to 2 hours. I suggest that you use a location where you won’t be interrupted and can focus. You may also want to have a pen and paper to make any notes.

What happens during a single coaching session?

I will be tailoring the content for you and what you wish to get from the single coaching session. This means I will use whatever approach appears to be most appropriate to make the difference.

Generally my work takes the form of a relaxed conversation. At a very basic level it can be summed up by you telling me what the situation/topic/world etc looks like to you and then we talk further utilising whatever questioning, exercises or approach seems must relevant at that moment.

This is a single coaching session for coaches, I know it can be tempting to switch into “coach mode” and analyise questions being asked. Whilst that is always an option, personally I would suggest you allow yourself the freedom to just “be in the conversation”. You can always analyse later!

Apart from questions I may also use stories or observations. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for me to suggest an exercise/task during the session itself. I often also invite you to commit to an doing “action assignment” to complete after the session. This will be a bespoke assignment specifically designed to fit your situation and what you wish to get from our time together.


Why do you say “up to 2 hours”? 

I will block out 2 hours of time for our session together. If we are completed to your satisfaction before the end of 2 hours I will not insist that you remain on the phone/Zoom!

However, if there are other areas/questions you want to focus upon, and time allows, we can certainly address those as well. The two hours are there for you and your work. If we finish earlier it will be with your consent and with you stating there was nothing else you wanted to use the time for – I won’t just hang up/end the session without your agreement. 

Rescheduling/ Cancelling a session

I appreciate that the unexpected can happen and I am happy to either reschedule to another mutually appropriate time if you need to and even refund if re-scheduling is impossible as long as I have 24 hours notice. 

Can I carry forward/ be refunded if the session did not last a full 2 hours?

No – that way a logistical nightmare lies! This session is for “up to” 2 hours on the scheduled time and date. 

If we seem to have finished with a topic prior to the scheduled end I will ask if you feel the same and check if there is anything else you wanted to use the rest of the time for, so we will only have finished early with your agreement. 

Can I book more than one single coaching session?

Yes. you can book as many as you’d like. (There is also the ongoing coaching option)

Holding block of 5 single coaching sessions for coaches

If you wished you can buy a block of 5 for future use – when you use them is up to you, as long as there is time available on the schedule that works for us both. When you buy a block of 5 single coaching sessions you will be provided with a code that you can enter at the scheduling page when you are ready to book one of your 5 sessions.

What is the price?

A single coaching session for coaches is £125 


 £562 for a block of 5 (10% saving)

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