Working with coaches for success


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In this section you’ll find that there are a range of solutions that offer the flexibility to find what will work best for you. They are all support for coaches offered specifically by the blog’s owner, Jen Waller. (Find out more about Jen here.)

Solutions for if you are at the start of your journey as a coach

then you’ll want to explore the options listed here.

Solutions for those who are already an established coach with paying clients

but are looking to take your coaching practice to the next level then you’ll want to explore the support offered here.

“There’s so many reasons why I love my work – I love coaching and seeing more people go out and use their coaching skills. I invite you to read through the options I currently offer and see which ones you are drawn towards.

I also would dearly love if this page could give you a nudge regardless of if we ever work together personally. So my suggestion is that you consider the following:

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 If you had unlimited amount of time, finances and any other relevant resource what “dream support” would you create?”

You’re welcome to share you’re answers either by email or in person if you’re drawn to any of the solutions listed on the pages mentioned above.

(Jen Waller)

Jen Waller