Working with coaches for success

Working with coaches for success:

Because your coaching business and the rest of your life do not live in a vacuum!

Providing quality and valuable support to coacheswho are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want to increase their success.

Generally I work with individuals who are looking to transition their coaching and coaching business “to the next level”. Sometimes this is the transition from “Non-Coach” to coach. For others it’s because they have established a coaching practice but think there should be something more – that there’s something missing that would move them and their coaching practice forward.

When clients first come to me they can often answer yes to one of the following questions:

Tick Do you secretly doubt your own value?

Tick Are you terrified that someone will spot the truth as you feel a fraud?

Tick Are you doing it all on your own and it’s wearing you out?

Tick Does it feel like you are a slave to your business? (Regardless if it’s established or still being set up)

Tick Could you do with more hours in the day?

Tick Do you make a start on what needs to be done – and then not follow through?

Tick Have you got BIG dreams, but you’re afraid to go after them?

Tick Is working from home harder than you thought it would be?

Tick Do you suffer from stress and feeling overwhelmed?

I provide a range of solutions that are designed to create different levels of support. Imagine:

Tick Finding solutions that work for you

Tick Experiencing more relaxation

Tick Discover new passions and inspiration

Tick What would taking more action get you? – More clients, more money, more time with the family

TickFinding you have a more balanced life

Tick Amazing yourself with just how capable you really are

Tick Developing new and exciting projects

To explore the range of solutions I offer click here and if you want to contact me to ask a question or generally find out more click here.