From Non-Coach to Coach Discovery Session

One big problem I’ve noticed that many coaches struggle with is the transition between being a non-coach to a coach.

They’re often busy focusing upon what they think they “should” be doing. They either miss the chances to serve (and even profit) from opportunities already waiting for them or they are too scared to take the next step.

I love to be of service to coaches, particularly those who are just starting out on their coaching journey like you! So I’ve created a special 1 hour session to help with this problem, my From Non-Coach to Coach Discovery Session.

Discovery Session

Scheduling wise I can only offer a set number of these sessions a month but they are open to all.

Your consultation will be laser-focused on 1 thing, and 1 thing only: You becoming the coach you want to be.

You get my expertise, loving strong coaching, AND specific action steps to move you forward quickly. Together, we’ll …

TickCreate a crystal-clear vision of exactly what being a coach means for you and how it fits with your business and lifestyle goals.

TickIdentify exactly what’s been holding you back from making that transition to become a coach and why you are not already serving clients.

TickCreate a detailed action plan for you to easily make that transition from non-coach to coach

I’ll lay out specific action steps for you, and finally, I will make at least one coach’s request to you to get you going. And the best part?

Your 60-minute From Non-Coach to Coach Discovery Session is absolutely FREE

If you are longing to step up, get out there, start getting clients, start making money AND be of greater service to the world …you can see what a tremendous opportunity this is!

The only “catch” is … you have to act fast to get one of this months sessions! 😀

To claim one of these FREE sessions, here’s all you need to do: Visit this page and complete the form