Working with coaches for success

At the start of your coaching journey

At the start of your coaching journey

Support for those at the start of their coaching journey

Individual coaching: 


Are you at the beginning of your coaching journey and want to experience regular powerful coaching for yourself?

Full details of the individual coaching package can be found here


From Non Coach to Coach Discovery Session: 

Discovery Session

A session for those who are transitioning between being a non-coach to a coach during which you will:


TickCreate a crystal-clear vision of exactly what being a coach means for you and how it fits with your business and lifestyle goals.

TickIdentify exactly what’s been holding you back from making that transition to become a coach and why you are not already serving clients.

TickCreate a detailed action plan for you to easily make that transition from non-coach to coach

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Start Coaching Real People:

First Step

This is a program that when you show up powerfully and take action you will be coaching real people and so much more comfortably than when you started. If you want to have your own coaching practice this is also a program that will move you forward much quicker.

For full details about the content and what you could achieve by showing up and participating fully with this program visit “Start Coaching ‘Real People’” here.


Time to Start Coaching Group: 

Time to start coaching

A small group environment that supports you to practically find ways that work for you. It’s about getting you to actually use your coaching. Allowing you to relax into being a coach and generally being comfortable in your own skin.

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